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Self paced coaching is ultimately a way for you to get moving toward your goal without the overwhelm of weekly check ins. Getting the information you need, in your hands with the option of having a session with me.

  • Calorie & Macro Kickstarter: learn to set or reset your individual calorie and macro goals on your own time. This consists of four online video modules showing you how to accurately calculate your needs like a Sports Dietitian using our custom calculator. You’ll have access to the videos and tool indefinitely. This offer also comes with a single video session with Ryan to confirm you’re on the right track, with appropriate expectations, and to show you how to get started.
    • Welcome and intro to the calculator (2 min)
    • Learn how to calculate your calorie needs using our online tool​ (15 min)
    • Learn how to calculate your macronutrient needs - and double check it’s right for you (9 min)
    • Learn how to turn those numbers into food (15 min)
    • Schedule your video call with me (30 min, when you’re available)

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