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*Ask about insurance coverage, reimbursement for nutrition services, and using your HSA and/or FSA contributions while working with a Registered Dietitian

Couple Cooking

1:1 Nutrition Coaching is ideal for individuals who are committed to learning and applying personalized nutrition recommendations for their performance and body composition goals - though require additional guidance and accountability for their unique lifestyle and goals.

  • Three months of personalized coaching (12 weeks) through private, HIPAA compliant software

  • Weekly sessions for accountability (video or in person)

  • Unlimited text and chat support for accountability between sessions

  • Access to online community and additional tools within private software (download Practice Better)

  • Four Areas of Focus to support personalized habit and lifestyle change

    • Foundations of Nutrition: personal calories, macros, micronutrients, meal timing, hydration, goal setting

    • Beyond Macros: safe supplements, sports nutrition - pre/intra/post workout strategy, recovery

    • Mindset: science of hunger, binge and emotional eating support, 

    • Lifestyle Management: apply your goals in restaurants, at events, during holidays, and while traveling

  • Continue coaching monthly after the initial three month period, additional options for support available

Ideal for individuals that need to take nutrition coaching beyond tracking calories & macros. As a Registered Dietitian, Ryan is able to go deeper into your past medical history, blood lab results, medications, and current symptoms. We use a HIPAA compliant platform (iOS or Android) for practitioners to support you wherever you are in the world.

  • Binge Eating and associated ED

  • Hypercholesterolemia (cholesterol management)

  • Type I/II Diabetes (blood sugar management)

  • Obesity/Post Op Weight Loss

  • IBS & IBD (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis)

  • ADHD and associated symptoms and medication side effects


We use data from food tracking and scale changes to track success and results, so you can be confident that you’re on track to meet your goals. Choose from remote or in-person coaching and take the first step towards achieving your nutrition goals today.

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