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ADHD Nutrition

Neutrotransmitter levels, Executive functioning, and Brain Activation Patterns - the ADHD brain is genetically unique just as finger prints, eye color, blood type variations, voice tones and pitches, and even fingerprint patterns.

I refer to Brain Optimized Metabolism as a unique call to action for ADHD brains to support their success today and into the future. The foundational principles of a “healthy diet” apply universally, individuals without ADHD may not experience the same degree of sensitivity to nutritional factors affection attention, impulsivity, and emotional regulation.

Here are six nutrition focused goals that Brain Optimized Metabolism for ADHD individuals focuses on and finds solutions for. Which are you starting to focus on today?

Stablize Blood Sugar

ADHD individuals benefit from stable blood sugar levels, achieved through Prioritzed meals and snacks. This helps in maintaining sustained energy levels and focus. This can cascade into positive habits to support the other challenges ADHD brains face.


Prioritize Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s, found in fatty fish and other plant foods like flaxseed, are crucial for brain health. ADHD brains often respond well to these nutrients, supporting cognitive function.


Mindful Eating and Meal Times

Mindful eating habits can help manage impulsivity, a common challenge for ADHD. Being present during meals, removing impulsivity by strutting meal times, while also recovering hunger and fullness cues are a game changer for us.


Adequate and Quality Protein

Protein- rich foods are essential for neurotransmitter functioning. Ensuring sufficient protein supports mood and attention regulation


Hydrate Early and Often

Under hydration and dehydration can exacerbate ADHD symptoms. Prioritizing a hydration schedule for optimal hydration contributes to optimal cognitive function.


Macros & Micros

The distribution of macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat, fiber) with micronutrients (zinc, iron, vit D, magnesium, B vitamins) will contribute to sustained mental clarity and energy.

ADHD Nutrition Starter Meal Plan

 Nutrition for the ADHD Brain
It doesn’t need to be complicated it just needs to be for us

Click here to download


Meet the Kinged Brain

Passion for the ADHD Community

Beginning of the Crowned Cognition Movement

Ryan was diagnosed in March 2023 at the age of 40. As most individuals with a late diagnosis, it didn’t come as a surprise that something was “different” in the way he saw and interacted with the work. It’s his goal as a Registered Dietitian to support the adult ADHD community in a capacity that he feels can make a difference.

ADHD success is about the “How”

With ADHD it’s more important to discuss HOW to get the things done for someone that is impulsive, unmotivated, and inconsistent.


HOW should ADHD individuals go about accomplishing the nutrition goals that will help them get leaner, stronger, and healthier.

Meal Planning Made Simple

Break down meal planning into smaller, manageable steps. Use visual aids or apps to create a weekly meal plan. Simplify grocery shopping with categorized lists.


Set Reminders for Meals

Leverage technology to set reminders for meals. Consistent meal timing helps stabilize energy levels and hit those macronutrient goals necessary for muscle building and recovery. Use alarms or apps to prompt you when it’s time to eat.


Prepared with “Arm Reach Snacks”

Combat impulsivity by preparing healthy snacks in advance. Having pre-cut veggies or portioned nuts readily available reduces the likelihood of opting for less nutritious alternatives.


Hydration Schedule

Tie water intake to daily routines. For instance, have your bottle  of water as part of your morning routine or link it to breaks during work.


Consistent Sleep Schedule

Prioritize a consistent sleep schedule. Quality sleep is foundational for managing ADHD symptoms and supporting overall health.


Accountability Partners

Share your nutrition and health goals with a friend or family member. Having someone to check in with adds a layer of accountability and support.

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