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Nutrition Coaching

Coaching for a stronger and healthier body and brain
- with evidence based solutions for -
Binge eating, Blood sugar control, Cholesterol management, ADHD/cognition, and IBS/IBD

Give yourself the option to get results in three different capacities. Which is right for you?

Couple Cooking

Are you someone:

  • Wants to he held accountable

  • Wants 1-on-1 coaching + unlimited text

  • Is driven by trackable data to get results

  • Wants access to community group chat

  • Whats to understand science behind it

  • Wants to be shown how to apply it

  • Wants additional online resources

  • Is ready for long lasting lifestyle change

*Remote & In Person Coaching available

*Ask about insurance coverage, reimbursement for nutrition services and using your HSA and/or FSA contributions while working with a Registered Dietitian

Mobile Phone

Are you someone:

  • Is self motivated

  • Doesn’t need accountability by a coach

  • Wants to (re)learn at own pace

  • Wants to understand science behind it

  • Wants connection to group chat

  • Wants to see long lasting change


Are you someone:

  • Driven by data and trends

  • Measures trends and change overtime

  • Wants full understanding of body comp

  • Wants their true metabolism measured

  • Self motivated and knowledable already


For testing in person we use the:

  1. InBody 570

  2. Korr REEVUE Indirect Calorimeter

Andrea Phillips (Client Testimonial)
Eldridge Banks (Client Testimonial)
Ashley Delosh (Client Testimonial)
Sonya Jakawich (Client Testimonial)

Still Unsure Where to Start?

I got you. Let’s get on the phone for a 15 min Strategy & Roadmap call and I’ll let you know which option is best for you. No time for a call, send me an email and I’ll outline everything that will help you to know before committing to the right option. 

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