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Nutrition for a stronger body & brain
- with evidence based solutions for -

Blood Sugar Control
Cholesterol Management
Sports Nutrition and Performance
Gut Health with IBS/IBD
Metabolic Disorders

About Food is Fuel NYC

Ryan Turner, RD, CSSD, CDN

Ryan Turner specializes in sports nutrition for performance, body composition, and recovery. As a Registered Dietitian he blends scientific research, nutrition, behavioral science, and social science to promote overall health, prevent disease, and shape the food choices of healthy and health compromised individuals. 


He has coached top business executives through the most challenging schedules and demanding goals. He’s supported hundreds of multitasking parents, driven entrepreneurs, professional & amateur athletes, and high performers working hard every day in their careers.

Ryan has worked with the most sought after trainers in NYC who are running the hardest workouts in the city, training the most dedicated and high performing individuals in all already of the professional landscape. Many of these trainers you now have streamed into your living room for your favorite home workouts on your favorite piece of training equipment.

Connecting the Community

Empowering Health & Wellness Through Engaging and Educating

Success Stories

Andrea Phillips (Client Testimonial)
Eldridge Banks (Client Testimonial)
Ashley Delosh (Client Testimonial)
Sonya Jakawich (Client Testimonial)
Nutrition 6 Wk Program
Client Testimonials
These incredible people have given themselves the opportunity to succeed -
achieving their body composition and performance goals like they’ve never seen before.
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