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Food Shopping 101

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Waking into the food store without a plan is like going holiday shopping for a family of seven the morning of - it just simply won't be effective and you're bound to lose your mind!!

Break the store down by section - and use the check list I'm proving to make sure you have at least two items from each. That can ensure you have the basic protein and fiber foods necessary to support your goals.

1.) Don't go in hungry or thirsty 2.) Make a list or at least bring this one 3.) Stick to the perimeter but don't discount the middle isles if you need something

4.) Look into your cart or basket and make sure you're seeing about half of it filled with vegetable & fruit (SOLUBLE FIBER!) 5.) Go in early on weekends and mid-day on week days and give yourself a time limit

What food store are you shopping at and what's one tip or trick you like to use while food shopping?

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