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About Food is Fuel NYC

Ryan Turner, RD, CSSD, CDN

Ryan Turner has worked with the most sought after trainers in NYC, running the hardest workouts in the city, training the most dedicated and high performing individuals in all areas of the professional landscape. Many of these trainers you now have streamed into your living room for your favorite home workouts on your favorite piece of training equipment.


Ryan has coached top business executives, through the most challenging schedules and demanding goals. He’s supported hundreds of multitasking parents, driven entrepreneurs, professional & amateur athletes, and high performers working hard every day in their careers.


Food is Fuel NYC Services

Here’s What We Provide

Crossfit Studio

Nutrition Coaching

Health Goals, Body Comp, and Performance

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Public Speaker

Public Speaking & Presentations

Experience, Education, and Motivation

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Services & Identity

Nutrition Coaching: Body Compostion, Performance, and Health

Crowned Cognition: Mental health advocate

Fuel You! Podcast: 10 minute short discussion and amazing guest stories

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